maximiZing your Mega Broadband eXperience on the NET

Welcome to ZMBX.NET where you will learn about the neat things you can do with your high-speed connection to the Internet. On this site we discuss:

  • Video Conferencing - with services like Skype and Windows Live Messenger. These systems allow you to have voice conversations between PC's, and if you add a web-camera, you can make video calls as well.

  • Television - those who don't watch much television may find it cost effective to view selected programs through streaming video, rather than paying for cable television, but the experience is not quite the same, and those that watch a lot of television are more likely to want traditional cable, satellite TV, or newer services such as television through FiOS or uVerse.

  • Phone services - there are several services, including Skype, Ooma, and Vonage, from which you can obtain a local phone number, and use your internet connection to provide you basic telephone service.

  • Games can be a large consumer of network bandwidth. If you plan to use multi player graphical games on the internet you should consider the amount of bandwidth required and be certain your network connectivity is sized appropriately.

  • Security - Always on, high bandwidth, connections have implications for the security of our computer systems, but they also enable new kinds of security applications such as home security video monitoring. The privacy implications of such applications must be taken into consideration.

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